Sales management

Our experiences:

  • Sales design -/ optimization and key account management

  • The optimal channel mix

  • Identifying, qualifying, negotiating and gaining opportunities 

  • Define, implement and lead global customer teams and service organizations

  • Designing and implementing target agreements

  • Contract and price negotiations

  • Customer-Relationship-Management

  • Strategic and technical opportunity management

What we offer:

  • Product/market/competition: Analysis of relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)

  • Defining and implementing market entry strategies, fighting guide, USPs

  • Distribution costs: Which amount of investment generates which results and which risks?

  • An optimized sales process from the first contact to the signing of the contract

  • Sales coaching

Thinking in solutions

  • What is global best practice for your situation?

  • You have a good product, what is the best market entry strategy/sales approach?

  • How can you test your product on the market without taking too much risk?

  • What do the different sales variants cost and what added value can you expect?

  • How can you optimize your existing sales?

  • You want to expand globally, how does it work best?

  • Do your sales strategy and implementation tactics contain "blind spots"?